Final Exhibit

I guess now it’s all over (well, nearly…). The exhibit was last night, and went so much better than I thought it would go. We got there at around 9am to start setting up, and didn’t finish setting up until close to 12. There was a bit more to co-ordinate than we thought, mainly getting the Twitch stream up, and working out a couple little problems with the speakers. Thankfully, once the doors were open everything went smoothly. We didn’t have any problems, and didn’t have to touch the Mac Mini or the Kinect all day which was a good sign. It was a little bit slow at the start of the day, since there weren’t many people around, it was a little harder to get people all the way down the hallway to come and see out installation. We had a few people visit and chat to us, and also a few people just there to take advantage of our couches and bean bags (…Team Zhu!). Around 4:30 more people started showing up, and once people could see others going down the hallway, everyone started coming! At any given time from that point on we had at least 10 people in the room. Most people had a go at it once they walked in, chatted to us for a little bit, and then hung around for a few minutes after just watching what other people did with it. I think having a separate room definitely was beneficial for us, and with so many people telling other people to come check us out we really didn’t have any problems.

I was so happy with the reception we got from everyone that visited us, we had a lot of people interested in where the project was going to go from there, and some interest with us showing our installation at other events such as UQ Open Day or at Sheldon College. I know everyone in our group is very attached to this project in particular, so we would be more than happy to keep working on it and have the opportunity to show it to more people!

Here’s a quick video of the exhibit going down in one of the busier times for our group.