Having been put into a team pretty much straight away after finding three other like-minded people interested in the ‘Musical Performance’ theme, my group had already developed a solid idea by the time we visited The Edge at Southbank. Seeing the place we would be exhibiting our work in only a few months definitely helped get the creative thoughts flowing.

The Edge, Southbank

My group’s idea for the theme of Musical Performance centres around the fact that very few of us (3 out of 4 in our group) have experience in creating music. We wanted to create a sensory and exploratory experience which would allow people to experience creating and manipulating music in a way that was fun, interactive, and required no skill whatsoever. Building on this concept, we very quickly came up with the idea to have some kind of a wall (or horizontal surface) made of an elastic material like spandex or lycra. We decided that different areas of the wall would trigger sounds for different instruments, and users would be able to push on the elastic surface to create and manipulate music using these instruments.

To achieve this, we would utilise a Kinect located on the other side of the wall to the users, which would pick up the changes in depth in different areas of the surface, and create music accordingly. We will likely also take into account speed of movement and perhaps direction when producing the sound. To add to the immersive experience, we would also have a projector behind the elastic wall alongside the Kinect, which would project a visual display of animations that tracked the depth and movement of the users’ pushing against the wall. Ideally, we would be able to exhibit this in The Edge in a space that was blacked out, and away from other groups to minimise disturbance to their presentations.