It’s been a busy week once again, how typical :D

This week all groups have been putting in the hard yards and frantically trying to piece everything together in time for the exhibit, and Team Good Vibes is no exception. We’ve still got a little way to go before the exhibit, but we’re confident everything will be sorted hopefully with time to spare.

Every group presented their kickstarter videos on Friday, something which I wasn’t aware was happening until I got there. Although everyone’s videos still had a lot of work left to be done on them, it was great to see where everyone was up to and get a fresh idea of all the projects since some of them have changed so much in the past few weeks. We had filmed a few snippets of our installation when we set it up on Tuesday, so we were able to incorporate those into the video in time. We were simulating the interaction, because I had just received a new version of the visuals from Mel, and we had just reworked how the blob tracking was done, so I had not yet had a chance to set everything up to be compatible with the Kinect. It was still set up with the simulated version I had created, so we used that along with Mel’s best attempts to simulate our presses on the spandex with the mouse. It turned out well, and was still fun to play with despite it not being fully functional.

Daniel was working on the video after the Tuesday session, and came up with a fantastic intro that really set the scene and explained the installation perfectly. When we showed the video to the class, we did get some feedback, which was thankfully mostly positive. It was suggested to use to shorten the introduction and include more videos of our installation when we had everything fully functional. Since we had not yet set up the music aspect when we filmed the clips, we just had a backing track over the top. People were keen for us to include examples of the music as well as the visuals, which we were intending to do anyway. Overall, the feedback was super useful, and we look forward to polishing our video off so it’ll be perfect for the exhibit.

Oh and we also got team shirts finally, courtesy of Naomi!

Good Vibes Shirts