During week three, the main focus was on continuing the idea generating and formulating process, and starting to think more realistically about what ideas could be achieved during the given timeframe and with the resources we have access to.

We began on Tuesday by splitting into groups of three or four to a table, where we were presented with a general concept (i.e. wearables, augmented reality, etc) and all the posters from last week that fell under that category. For the first round I was given the concept of wearables, and we had two posters, both of which had to do with wearable devices that aided in navigation. We brainstormed on these ideas a little bit and came up with a new idea for a watch or bracelet of sorts which would assist young children in navigation without proving to be a distraction like a smartphone sometimes can be.

The next round I was at the table for wellness, and we began building on the concept from the previous round, which was to do with combining social and physical wellness. It was titled the ‘Social Baton’, and was as the name suggests, a baton. It would give users challenges to complete that involved passing the baton to different people to encourage social interaction, and physical challenges such as distance walked for physical wellness. The final round I was chosen to be the host, and continued to develop that idea with new people at the table.

On Friday, we were finally able to get into groups! I have been really keen to get started working on one of these projects, so I was looking forward to this. I was still very attached to the concept of musical performance for non-musicians, so I chose this as my first preference, with my second being physical telepresence and my third being playful mixed reality.

Thankfully, there were only four of us who listed musical performance as our first preference, so we instantly became a group and off we went. We ran through a couple of ideas, and have a pretty solid concept we plan to present to the group at The Edge on Tuesday. It seems as though our group members cover pretty much all the expertise we will need to actually build our idea, which is great. One team member is great with music and the types of musical software we will likely need to use, we have two great designers, and myself who is more comfortable with the programming side of things. However, we have all done the same amount of programming since we’re all third year Multimedia Design, so we should be on the same page mostly. I am super excited to explore depth sensors using the Kinect, so hopefully we can implement that for our idea. I will most likely post again before or after the presentation at The Edge, where I will go into more depth about the ideas we’ve played with so far.