Last Friday we were finally able to present our idea to the class, and we also had the opportunity to check out everyone else’s project to get a decent idea of what we’d be able to see come exhibit time. Our presentation went well, I’m not sure if we covered everything we needed to, but since we are all so familiar with our own idea it’s a little hard to remember what kinds of background information might help someone who is unfamiliar to understand our idea. The feedback we received was largely positive, with the feedback mostly consisting of suggestions we had already considered but failed to mention in our presentation. Some of the suggestions were very useful though, with people pointing out the problematic nature of controlling volume with depth and that making people want to see how far they could push the spandex. Others expressed concerns over the multitouch functionality which now that I think of, we may have forgotten to cover whilst presenting.

After the presentations were over, we jumped straight into thinking about how we were actually going to build our prototype before the looming deadline. Since the design of our installation is likely to be unchanged, we should be safe enough just going ahead and building in full-scale for the prototype. It is essentially just a wall of spandex, so there’s not much variation in the design side of things anyway. What is likely to change over the course of the semester is the interactions people can have with the spandex, which is not affected by the design of the wall itself.

On Tuesday, after the Arduino and Kinect run-throughs, our team headed off one member down to go and check out materials at Bunnings, Spotlight, and Reverse Garbage. It was definitely useful to see what was available to us, even though we didn’t end up buying anything. We’ve ruled out Reverse Garbage for now, since they don’t have much in the way of timber or metal to use to build our frame. If we are unable to source cheap wood or metal from places like gumtree or uni, we will most likely just have to pick some up at Bunnings. Unfortunately the spandex materials at Spotlight is very expensive, $30/m and we will need roughly 3 metres, that will probably be our biggest expense.

Good Vibes

I spent both yesterday and today working on the Kinect side of things to see if I could get something functional to use with the prototype, and I’ve made a bit more progress than I expected. It looks as though we should be able to pull everything off and have a great prototype to show to the class next Friday.

Oh and we also have a shiny new team name, as a result of the mysterious person who left us feedback saying we had ‘good vibes’. Logo courtesy of Naomi.

Good Vibes