We have finished most of our work in the session today, but three of us are sticking around for the Google intern and graduate information night (mainly for the free pizza), so I figured I’d get this blog post over with.

Good Vibes

We have a functional prototype to display on Friday which I talked about in my last blog post, so today consisted mainly of playing around with it using the spandex to test out how it’ll work when we present it on Friday. It looks as though we’re going to have to come in and secure a spot early so that we can have enough space for uninterrupted interaction with the Kinect. We’ll probably leave the prototype as is unless we (by we, I mean magical musical wizard Naomi) manage to get the music working better instead of just changing the pitch. We also may project the animation just tracking the mouse on a separate screen to demonstrate our intended use of graphics. I made a quick attempt to track the animations using the Kinect, but since the positions of the dots are recalculated 60 times a second, it caused ridiculous lag and looked pretty awful.

We’ve also been pretty lucky materials wise because my grandfather has a lot of wooden planks he wants to get rid of and he is happy to cut them to size for us. He also has a lightweight metal frame which we will most likely cut to 2.5m and use as the top and bottom sections of the frame. I will probably go and visit him on Wednesday or Thursday this week, and then bring all the materials to uni next Thursday. We have decided to spend Thursday next week working on building the frame, and then on Friday we will add the spandex.