Web Development

I have a particular interest in web development, and especially love starting from scratch and redesigning or revamping old/outdated sites.

Mine Vegetation Rehabilitation Report Card (Queensland Herbarium)

During the DECO3800 course I took in Semester 1 of 2016, I worked in a team of six to design a new web platform for the delivery of an existing (but outdated) Python assessment tool. The assessment tool was created by the Queensland Herbarium for the purpose of assessing the vegetation rehabilitation of open-cut mines across Queensland, and produces PDF reports outlining the current standings and future trajectory of rehabilitation.

Queensland Herbarium Project

The solution we designed was a web application that streamlined the data entry process through a brand new user interface into a restructured Python back-end system created from the existing Python files. It would facilitate the data collection and generate the vegetation rehabilitation report, displaying the results to the users within the application itself as well as in a downloadable form. Our designs and proposed solution will now be handed over to a new team in Semester 2 who will undertake the remainder of the development process, and deploy the web application to be hosted by the Queensland Government as an extension of the Queensland Herbarium website by the end of 2016.

Queensland Tourism Industry Council Internship

BBFQ Website

I completed a web development internship at the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, working to completely revamp the website for a sub-committee, Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay QLD. I built a responsive, mobile-friendly website using Bootstrap that creates a much more user-friendly experience for the website visitors. Working with the previous site, developed nearly 10 years prior, I updated all the informational content and the details for all the listings on the site, with a few new listing additions. Live site: bbfq.com.au

EmojiReact (INFS3202)

EmojiReact project

During INFS3202 I developed a small web application which allows for users to submit questions to an audience of site viewers who are able to add their responses to the questions in the form of emojis. The idea is to allow people to gauge the response of an audience quickly and in a fun way. For example, someone could submit a question asking users how they travel to university, people could respond with emojis representing bikes, buses, or other forms of transport, and everyone would be able to see how other people responded. This is a fast, fun, and easy way to get questions answered, where the only limitation is the list of emojis and your creativity. The website was developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the user interface, with the addition of open-source emojis from Emoji One. AJAX requests and PHP on the server side were used to facilitate the dynamic functionality of the site with a MySQL database.

ADFA Caboolture

ADFA Caboolture

During the 2015 holidays I built a simple Bootstrap website with a friend for Aero Dynamic Flight Academy Caboolture. With a purely informational focus, the client simply wanted to use a modified version of the Bootstrap styling to suit his taste, and was not interested in creating an entirely new design. We restructured the content he previously had, and assisted in creating new content for the website whilst building the new Bootstrap styling for the site. Live site: aerodynamic.com.au

Previous portfolio designs

Past portfolio design

I have had this portfolio up for a long time, and find myself coming up with new ideas for designs whenever I’m not working on another project. As such, the design of this portfolio has been through a number of iterations (some of which I’m proud of, and some I hope will never see the light of day again…). The most recent design before this one is shown above. It was replaced primarily because I wanted a much more simple design which would be easy to build on as I added more and more projects.